Caravan Siting in Bromley

When caravanning, it is highly recommended to site your caravan to secure it and keep it safe, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your caravanning adventures. Siting a caravan in Bromley can seem a frustrating and potentially dangerous proposition but put your fears at rest as we offer a quick and handy guide to siting your caravan safely and securely with ease and simplicity…

Supporting your caravan

To secure your caravan, we recommend placing strong jacks, stands and blocks under the caravan chassis, in alignment with the vertical chassis member on your caravan. To hold the supports in place, you must ensure that all loading points of your caravan are level. If your caravan is not level, this may result in the interior and exterior doors becoming unable to open and close properly and could also negatively affect any large windows. If your caravan is larger or longer than average, then additional support, such as axle stands, should be placed around the mid-points of the caravan to keep your caravan in place.

Top tips:

  • Where possible, inform the site owners of the dates and times of your siting to minimise disruption.
  • Ensure that any belongings in your caravan are securely packed away inside to prevent any possible damage to belongings whilst the caravan is being moved.
  • Check that the tow bar and wheels of your caravan are operational to ease transportation.
  • Ensure your caravan is already on your pitch or exactly where you need it.
  • Connection to services are not usually provided as standard and are usually arranged through your site or by an independent party.

We always aim to perform work to the highest possible health and safety standards and training to ensure that siting your caravan remains stress-free and avoids becoming hazardous. Throughout our years of experience, we have encountered a range of locations and situations and have addressed each with professionalism, so you can be confident that we have the expertise to effectively deal with the challenges of siting your caravan. Consequently, we have developed a robust and competent siting team in Bromley with the most appropriate equipment to overcome virtually any challenging or seemingly impossible scenario or difficulty. Do you think that moving your caravan will be too complicated or difficult? Don’t worry, we understand that everybody’s situation is different so don’t hesitate to contact us about caravan siting, where we will be more than happy to offer you advice about siting your caravan.

Connecting Services in Bromley

Usually, we will not connect gas, water, electric or waste as standard but please contact us if you require any further information or if you will require the services to be connected.

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